Citadel Outreach to New Associates - LOLA network: please join us with as many cities as possible!

Colleagues and friends,

I am attaching the first draft of the latest Citadel White Paper. As the purpose is to engage as many new Associates as possible, I would like to ask you all to put this message into a newspost to your individual network(s) and try to make the group of cities that join us as big as possible.

I am sure that this document will undergo changes in time, and you will see from the outset that it is much more 'hands on ' and 'practical' than most other White Papers. This format is designed for local authorities – as we have been learning over and over again how much hunger there is in our target market for simple, quick and easy help in understanding Open Data and getting started.

My thought is that you can use this document to show immediate value to New Associates in the form of this concise and concrete summation of project and the way in which it can help local authorities create mobile apps from scratch!

Once you have a city that is interested in joining we just need them to go to this link to register.

The Citadel project has done last autumn the job on creating tools and templates that provide real value to cities.

We now need to prove their value by promoting their use.

HUGE thanks for your individual and collective help!

Any questions, please just ask me.

For the white paper klick here

Eddy van der Stock



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