Forcepoint biedt whitepaper Understanding Office 365 security concerns aan

04-07-2018 • Geplaatst in Nieuwsbrief door Renk Ruijter

Forcepoint biedt u deze whitepaper uit mei 2018 aan. Een korte samenvatting:

The focus of this white paper is the security limitations within Microsoft Office 365, as well as the overarching security management problems that most organizations facetoday. The limitations in the native Office 365 security tools are the result of both
inherent gaps that exist within the platform and the underutilization of some features that have caused decision makers to not fully address the security implications of key elements in the platform. Compounding the problem is the use of multiple clouds,
which makes security management difficult – if not completely untenable – given the common practice of using a unique security solution for each application.

The paper also discusses the results of a primary research survey conducted by Osterman Research on behalf of Forcepoint.

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